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Coronavirus Information. Please see the 'News' tab, above, for details. Online appointment booking requests and Prescriptions not currently available online.

COVID-19 Vaccination

We do not have the COVID-19 vaccine at the Kaiapoi Medical Centre, and have not been informed as to whether we will be able to provide it.

Please go to the NZ Ministry of Health website for information: Covid-19 Information

Flu Vaccination

We now have influenza vaccine available for all ages. If you do not fall into one of the funded groups, the cost is $30 - with a discount for family groups. Please phone for an appointment

Note that there needs to be a 2-week gap between being immunized for flu, and when you have a COVID-19 vaccination.

New Practice Software

The Kaiapoi Medical Centre upgraded its core patient management software in the last week of February 2021. As part of this process we moved from having our Patient Portal managed by a separate company (ConnectedMed) to one is that managed by us. This has involved quite a bit of learning for our staff, both admin and clinical - a process which is still ongoing.

Until the changeover was completed, our online Patient Portal was unavailable. Now this has been mostly achieved, we have been able to restart it. The Portal allows patients to make appointments online, and to make requests for repeat prescriptions. Those who registered with the previous portal will need to re-register with the new one - which is called MyIndici. Registration is done online, and by using an email address that is recorded as part of your existing patient record. Each person requires their own individual email address.

To register for the Patient Portal please click on this link:

New Patients Welcome to enrol

Kaiapoi Medical Centre is pleased to welcome Dr Yi Gao to the practice. Dr Yi will be available from December 7th 2020. She will be working four days per week.

Dr Justin Fletcher is also able to take on new patients.

Coronavirus Pandemic Information

At Level 1 we are working to maintain the health and safety of our patients. To this end we are still requiring patients to hand-sanitise when they visit us, to sign in with the COVID app, and to inform us if they have any symptoms relating to viral infections such as:

Sore Throat
Runny nose
Head Cold
High Temperature
Shortness of breath
Loss of sense of smell
Sinus symptoms/pain

We wish to keep people with any of these symptoms apart from other patients to minimise the chance of cross-infection.

We are still offering consultations with doctors through phone calls, as well as face-to-face.

All patients must phone us first on 03 327 5115.

For any questions please phone reception during normal working hours on 03 327 5115.

RNZCGP - Cornerstone Accreditation Day 17th November, 2011